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Shipping + Product Details

Shipping Info

All our masks are made to order – this means you might havre to wait a little bit longer but we are sure you will love the mask.

Stock is based on masks printed and ready for assembly, not on stock at hand – all masks are made to order.

Please check shipping from date on product page.

Our deliveries are fullfilled by Globeflight – deliveries to major centres are overnight and regional areas 48 hours.

Please note that once your package is shipped it is out of our hands and with flight shortages there might be a one day delay to outlying areas.

Materials Matter

Mask materials:

3 layer 100% cotton stitched mask
Outer layer 220 thread 100% cotton
Inner layers 145 thread 100% cotton


White or black 2mm elastic as stock is available.

Wire across nose for snug fit and to prevent steam build up on glasses
Cord clamp at back to adjust and improve fit

Product maintenace:

All cotton pre-shrunk to minimize risk
Cold hand wash and gentle iron
Can be ironed at low temperature
Will soften and fade with age

About our Masks

The New Normal

With the global COVID-19 pandemic in full swing we can all help protect the vulnerable among us. By wearing a mask each and every one of us can help prevent being an unknown carrier for Corona virus, easing the spread and flattening the curve.

As we start to enter winter and the risk of spread increases masks are set to become the new normal for 2020 and perhaps beyond – a true marker for our brave new world but also the opportunity to celebrate beauty in our everyday lives.

Beauty in Adversity

We believe that beauty is all around and inside us and strive to create bespoke, original work that celebrates life and love. Instead of bemoaning the new normal we thought let’s create something stunning, simple and effective.

This lead us to create bespoke prints, expertly sculpted into comfortable, durable and stunning masks.

All our print patterns are created in-house – this is a time to celebrate creativity and individual passion, so let’s wear that spirit out in the open.

Giving Back

Our Lovely Ladies

All our masks are carefully and hygienically hand-made by a group of ladies based in Cape Town, whose ages range between 30 to 70.

Between them, their skills include pattern making, cutting, sewing, beading and hand stitching. The ladies are encouraged to own their own equipment and have been assisted in the purchasing and servicing the tools of their trade by our manufacturing partners. We recognise that people need to be given access to resources and that they need support to become self-sustaining.

A Helping Hand

This is a difficult time for each and every one of us, with the most vulnerable in our society suffering the most.

A portion of every sale is donated towards a charitable organization.


How long until I get my order?

Currently we print our beautiful bespoke fabric as demand grows and the masks are then hand made. We ship every Wednesday and Friday and timing is based as per product ordered, more details on the product page.

Is the product hygienic?

We take every precaution according to government regulations. Are masks are disinfected prior to packaging and handled with gloves – our staff also wear masks to prevent droplets. Better safe than sorry. As per goverment regulations please wash the mask before use and wash it frequently while changing masks throughout the day.

What is our returns policy?

All our masks are shipped in sealed bags to ensure safety and quality of our products. Due to the current viral situation no returns and refunds will be accepted once the sealed bag has been opened.

In the case of faulty product in terms of cord breakage or clasp breakage withing 10 days please contact us (although we are sure this will not happen).